Hunting Ava

Exciting new romantic suspense
from the author of SHATTERED BLUE!


Was it merely lust, or some deeper connection that drew Ava and Wyatt together on that tropical island? They shared ten glorious, sensual days before destiny propelled them to opposite ends of the continent and out of each other’s lives.

Two years later…

San Diego, California: They said her mother killed herself, but Ava’s sure she was murdered. She’s finally close to finding the evidence, and then it all goes terribly wrong. Now she’s on the run, wanted for murder. Her only hope is her island lover, PI Wyatt Starr. But will he help her, or turn her in for the reward?

Key West, Florida: Wyatt can’t forget the mysterious woman he fell for on that island off the coast of Belize. Then he sees her face on a screen: She’s a wanted fugitive. The more he digs, the more he believes Ava is innocent. She’s out there somewhere, alone and vulnerable. How can he help her before it’s too late?


One Author, Many Genres

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