A Huron Girl in Colonial Canada

A Short Story

Her family is dead, her village burned. How can she survive in the white people’s world without denying her heritage?

New France, 1650: Khionrea, a Huron girl orphaned by an Iroquois raid, stumbles into the yard of the Ursuline Sisters convent school. The sisters take her in and begin to teach her their own ways and their own religion.

But Christianity seems strange to Khionrea. She clings to her beliefs even as she tries to fit in. She has nowhere else to go, but she doesn’t want to dishonor her family by rejecting their traditions.

When frightening events conspire to make her choose one world or the other, Khionrea feels trapped. Can she accept this new religion without betraying the love for her people that still burns in her heart?

Set against a background of actual events, “Fireheart” illuminates the struggles of indigenous peoples around the world when faced with new religions and new gods.

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